Your Digital Afterlife is the first book to take on the looming topic of dealing with death and online identity. Evan and John summarize the issues presciently and give practical advice to anyone who is on Facebook, Twitter, or does any form of business online. It's a must-read in the digital era! 

-Jeremy Toeman, CEO and founder, Legacy Locker

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Reading list

Here’s a list of websites you can check out for more information.

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Written by the authors of this book, this blog sparked the idea for Your Digital Afterlife.

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This is a blog written by another digital death researcher, Adele McAlear.

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This blog by Nathan Dosch, our legal reviewer for the book, digs into the legal issues surrounding digital assets.

Wills, Trusts & Estates Professor Blog
This blog by Gerry Beyer explores the legal and estate planning aspects of digital death.

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While these blogs are from companies selling services, they all have great content on the subject.
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