In an easy-to-follow format, Carroll and Romano explain the challenges of the digital afterlife, and provide workable strategies for safeguarding your digital assets. This book is the perfect first step toward securing your digital legacy. 

-Fred Stutzman, PhD, co-founder,

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The authors of Your Digital Afterlife, Evan Carroll and John Romano, welcome inquires from the media. As independent experts in the growing digital afterlife industry, The New York Times, Obit magazine, Orlando Sentinel, and The Austin Chronicle have consulted John and Evan on related stories. In November 2009, they appeared on CNN in a featured video story, “Planning Your Digital Afterlife.” In January 2011 Your Digital Afterlife was featured on NPR’s Fresh Air and in The New York Times Magazine.

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Upcoming and Past Appearances

Evan Carroll and John Romano frequently speak at industry events about the digital afterlife and related topics. Here is a sampling of their presentations. More information about upcoming events is available on the events page.

Preserving Personal Legacy in the Digital Age (Keynote)
Michigan Archival Association Annual Meeting 2011
June, 2011

Preserving Personal Legacy in the Digital Age (Keynote)
Library of Congress FLICC Forum 2011
May, 2011

The Lost Curator: Personal Digital Archives and the Death Transition
Personal Digital Archiving 2011
February, 2011

You’re Dead, Your Data Isn’t: What Happens Now?
SXSW Interactive 2011
March, 2011

Become Immortal: Understanding the Digital Afterlife
SXSW Interactive 2010
March, 2010

What happens to your online identity after you die?
Ignite Raleigh 2
March, 2010

Who will check my email after I die?
SXSW Interactive 2009
March, 2009