The problem with our afterlives—where ever they may be—, as zombies know too well, is keeping our earthly remains in tact, recognizable and resting in the right places. In Your Digital Afterlife, Evan Carroll and John Romano draw on their years of considering the afterlife of our digital assets from their blog, The Digital Beyond, to help us understand how to leave the digital elements of our pasts to caring curators of our choice. One thing is certain, we'll all need this good advice. 

-Paul Jones, director,, UNC-Chapel Hill

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Featured on Make Use Of

February 26, 2011

Our book and our site, was features on Make Use Of, a blog that provides tips, how-tos, and cool sites for computer users. They did a great job of featuring the site and the book and they provided linked to lots of articles.

They also mention,, and